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Posted by Gez on Wednesday 7th June, 2006 @ 03:52 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v18 has been added to the downloads page.

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21. By TopSpeed Hosting Network on 07/06/06 @ 15:36 PM
Yeah Spam Filter its like they can only chat but if too many it will have a delay b4
their chat can be seen. Like in Americas Army. Spam FIlter and Word Filter. when you
type FUCK it Will appear F****
just a suggestion! nice job anyways! GEZ have you any idea now of other way of
donations! thanks!

22. By SyD on 07/06/06 @ 17:00 PM
Everyone want to make a donation, but can't. :(
23. By SyD on 07/06/06 @ 17:33 PM
And flood control? :)
24. By {USSP}Snakie on 07/06/06 @ 18:09 PM
Yep , so i can finally ban Syd for spamming and writing geci too much :D
25. By TopSpeed Hosting Network on 07/06/06 @ 18:14 PM
GEZ you just update the GUI on your Webadmin now have LOGO thats cool! is it possible
if webadmin can see whos being killed so admin can know who teamkills. and one more
thing! can be autorefresh every 3secs! What do you think Gez. More power to the
Group. GJ Gez

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