Admin Mod V18 [Added]

Posted by Gez on Wednesday 7th June, 2006 @ 03:52 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v18 has been added to the downloads page.

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121. By Adrenalin on 25/06/06 @ 01:26 AM
My think is block messages and if you press ready or after kick/ban then release the

122. By Gez on 25/06/06 @ 03:01 AM
We now have a new forum on our new website:

Player Names in spectator mode...sure that would be wonderful...but can it be

The Smash and Grab ruleset will be included with the next version of the mod

The messages are annoying yes, but they will stay annoying unless I release a
client side only modification perhaps...

Third person view...we'll see...

123. By SyD on 26/06/06 @ 16:44 PM
If anyone see the TSS servers in ASE(All-Seeing Eye) pls help me! Or anything server
browser what is see the TSS servers? My router blocked SWAT4 and TSS ports, and we
can't do this... :( Plz help!

124. By {Anti_Klan}DeadEye on 28/06/06 @ 06:41 AM
just an idea about adding in a ip logging/logger so u can better track activity, if
it can be done server side that is

125. By knight on 28/06/06 @ 18:56 PM
well Gez, i m major in a big clan (brutality clan) and i host 4 servers.

i have a lot of problem since the 15 version of your tools.

well the 16-17-18 version cause me a lot of troubles like :
- My name in game always as Player each i modify all .INI to change it.
- My user.ini always come back as default losing my keys, messages and all
modification i did at each restart of game

Only the version 15 and older cause me no problems and work well.

do you already hear of this problem ?

What do you modify after 15 version ?

i love your work, thx to take care of us.

thx to answer if you can.

My config :
Original swat4 game, patch 1.1 in french.


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