Admin Mod V18 [Added]

Posted by Gez on Wednesday 7th June, 2006 @ 03:52 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v18 has been added to the downloads page.

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101. By {USSP}Snakie on 16/06/06 @ 21:59 PM
Changed name to TGC , check their new servers :P I would like to play old 1.1 maps in
Smash and Grab , Syd join me sometimes :P

102. By TEA on 17/06/06 @ 23:55 PM
tried logging into web admin a few times today, wouldn't work no matter what i tried.
Reset server, same deal. i have the login/password screen, i enter it correctly but
it just reloads blank login/pass with no error message. any ideas?

103. By TopSpeed Hosting Network on 18/06/06 @ 00:41 AM
Check the user and pass in .ini
Username and pass should be seperate with space.

TopSpeed Host 1.0 for some reason but all mod run very well no crash or system

maybe bec of many ports are use in the game! Webadmin Server query. sometime block
the game port that cuz the game to stop or crash.

and remember admins and hosters.
Server Query
eat extra Bandwith.........
if this is enable and other view this stat while you have limited bandwith. that is
possible for game freeze/stop/crash....

TopSpeed Hosting Network will have another server 0% LAGG FREE
with the connection of gigabyte LAN (1Gb/s) and espesialy with Mod Of the GEZ.

104. By TEA on 18/06/06 @ 01:41 AM
nope nope nope. The login name and password have worked flawlessly the past week, I
do not have query stats enabled, the only 12 ports are open for the server. Some for
gamespy, most are for TSS

105. By TEA on 18/06/06 @ 01:43 AM
tried it again, seems to be working now. Not sure why it wouldn't let me login
earlier (and yes i checked login/password at least 10 times)

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