Admin Mod V18 [Added]

Posted by Gez on Wednesday 7th June, 2006 @ 03:52 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v18 has been added to the downloads page.

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User Comments
61. By ||SES||Gez on 11/06/06 @ 00:04 AM
'try to chose another
port' you're welcome to try another port...

62. By DvS-OnE on 11/06/06 @ 00:30 AM
Hey |Gez| about what i posted about these hacks? You think you can do anything about
that in your mod?
cuz it would be sweet to get rid of some hacks too,along with a good admin mod.

63. By SyD on 11/06/06 @ 00:33 AM
GEZ u are very laughy! :P
64. By DoberMan on 11/06/06 @ 02:11 AM
when you add vip change for vip quitters?
when add possibility to vote for kick for swat 4 without expansion sindycate ?

65. By ||ESA||Jay-B on 11/06/06 @ 04:39 AM
Like i said gez i thought to had an idea about banning those with dynamic ip's. The
ban cd-key should work but is difficult to do. Instead, i got inspiration from my
Cisco networking lessons on school. But i'm not sure if i should tell you here since
it will instantly trigger those who are gonna bypass it before it's even made. To
give a hint: An ip is dynamic even if you have a static ip it can be changed, it's
software. Instead, try to ban the hardware...

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