Admin Mod V18

Uploaded by Gez on Wednesday 7th June, 2006 @ 03:52 AM
Version 18 has arrived:
  • Added ability to lock the maplist
  • Added forcenoweapons option for teamkillaction
  • Added kick ac adminsay to print messages to all admins
  • Added kick ac forcenoweapons to take away all weapons from a player
  • Added kick ac say to print messages to all players
  • Extra stats no longer get corrupted
  • Extra stats now includes all extra stats
  • Fixed problems with replacement equipment
  • Fixed ‘The Server changed the VIP to’ message
  • Idle time no longer counts against the VIP if he is both arrested and less lethaled
  • IP Bans and other information saved properly
  • Message of the day/Mod Message fixed
  • Spectator team chat only broadcast to other spectators on that team
  • Web admin now has maximum of 50 lines in the console
  • Web admin now shows in-game chat
  • Note: DynamicLoadout.ini updated

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