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Posted by Gez on Friday 21st March, 2008 @ 21:34 PM
The comments have just undergone a much needed cleanup, so feel free to post there
without me completely ignoring you from now on ;).

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6. By Sniper on 11/05/08 @ 21:01 PM
Hi Gez,

I have to admit I don't know much about your Mods, but, I was refered to you by a
friend, who talk very highly of you. I was hopping you might take the time to answer
a quick question for me (if you can). Three of us are trying to create a session on
TSS, however, one can't seem to join, and the I can connect very easily to the host.
Everytime the 3rd guy tries to connect. he gets a message saying "CDkey
authentication failed"... I know for a fact that his copy is genuine. Furthermore,
when he hosts, all 3 of us can connect. Any ideas where the problem my be comming
from ? (my theory is gamespy, as it is known to have problems)

I apreciate you taking the time, and I will be checking regularly to see if you
replied. Thank you again in advance.


7. By ZoHaN on 15/05/08 @ 05:09 AM
Heloo guys i am new here i dont know if i am aprove in but i wil lbe a friend for a
while ... i will realy like to administrate the server SWAT for Arest mode ... if
that is posible .. and give my service to the team TGC ...

8. By aLiN on 25/05/08 @ 01:56 AM
hi everybody...can admin mod v22 run server 1.0 vers.If it can pls help me...i can`t
run it!

9. By Lynn on 28/05/08 @ 18:52 PM
Hi all,

i have a prob: i'm from Germany. After i have installed the admin-mod v22 for SWAt
4 i can't change the 'Invert Mouse Y Axis'-control. Everytime i try to change, and
after i leave the settings to go on playing it changes automaticly back. So please
help me if u can.

Greetings from Germany


10. By freddy on 30/05/08 @ 02:16 AM
hi gez , i have instal ammod v22 ,but i can't log in superadmin, with what command i
can log ? thanks ....

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