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Posted by Gez on Saturday 23rd December, 2006 @ 13:23 PM
Gez's Admin Mod v21 has been added to the downloads page.

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21. By {ELF}FBZ on 28/12/06 @ 09:55 AM
Hello Gez, i've same problem to ||ESA||Benedictus: webadmin doesn't work. With V20 no

Thank you.

22. By {TE}Storm{DET} on 28/12/06 @ 16:36 PM
NoMore Mr. Nice Guy! lmao@landi
23. By Gez on 28/12/06 @ 18:59 PM
Define 'doesn't work'. If possible, comment out or delete the Suppress=ScriptLog and
Suppress=ScriptWarning from your server's ini file and send me a log from it.

24. By ||ESA||Benedictus on 28/12/06 @ 22:08 PM
Because V21 webadmin didn't work i tried the following:

Copy all mod files from V21 to swat system directory -> webadmin doesnt work.
Replacing the V21 AMMod.u with the V20 AMMod.u and the rest of the V21 files stay
in swat system directory --> admin mod works! So i think the problem is with the V21
AMMod.u which doesnt give me access to webadmin page. Any ideas how to fix this to
get it work for V21 AMMod.u?

25. By ||ESA||Benedictus on 29/12/06 @ 01:06 AM
To answer my own question:

There seems to be a bug in webadmin V21. At the moment it is only working for
servers with a key. It will be fixed (i hope) with the next admin mod version. Till
that time admins who want to use webadmin and dont have a valid key you can use V20
admin mod.

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