Admin Mod V21 [Added]

Posted by Gez on Saturday 23rd December, 2006 @ 13:23 PM
Gez's Admin Mod v21 has been added to the downloads page.

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91. By UNINSTALLING THE MOD on 28/01/07 @ 20:50 PM
without the key this mod is usless howe do i uninstall it??????????
92. By less lethal on 28/01/07 @ 21:35 PM
remove the files you added
93. By Rabid Parrot on 01/02/07 @ 08:51 AM
ok - I'm reading some sporadic issues of lag being mentioned and wanted to add some
clarification on the specific issues I've had. Not sure if it's mod related but if
it is, I'm hoping it'll help to troubleshoot!

Our problem:
1) the timer is not smooth (stops for a few seconds at a time and then skips ahead
- the time is correct, just not running smoothly)
2) we are getting some weird uber lag - players are "warping" around
3) this was independent of the number of players and all pings were below 100 (we
had this with even just 2 players)

One thing I did notice was that this only happened while playing Barricaded
Suspects... Oddly enough, when i switched back to S&G, things were fine.

We just switched hosts too, so this problem was unexpected for a brand new host and
server. It was this problem that led us to abandon our previous host. We had mod
19v3 running and were told by our host that it was the mod, so we removed it and
still had issues before deciding to switch hosts.

The new host installed mod 19v4 for us and I upgraded to v21 today and still had
this problem until switching to S&G (from BS)

Totally baffled...

94. By Firex on 08/02/07 @ 13:11 PM
95. By {COB}evo on 09/02/07 @ 11:03 AM
not able to access webadmin in v21 :(
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