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Posted by Gez on Sunday 17th December, 2006 @ 18:22 PM
Well I just wrote this newspost, and it deleted itself. Let's try again...

The gezmods website has been moved to, thanks to Roc who has
registered it for me. It is also using Roc's webspace, so with any luck the downtime
shouldn't be an issue anymore, and if it is, we'll have to hope Roc doesn't fall off
the face of the planet like Trooper ( registrar) did.

Unfortunately, seems to be dead, and like I said above, I can't get
into contact with Trooper. This means I've had to create a new release of the Admin
Mod to fix issues with people's mod keys. Hopefully I won't have to do this again,
since I reworked the key system for extra connectivity checking and added a third
mirror (thanks Boston).

So, I suggest you upgrade your Admin Mod to v19r4 today ;). Those of you who
already have a release of v19 installed, will only have to use one file from the
archive (AMMod.u) - this should save you from overwriting all of your Admin Mod

Merry Christmas!

User Comments
1. By [EU-OF]PinkBug on 18/12/06 @ 22:54 PM
looks like this keeps losing the key.
now it wont let us look at getbans etc ...says we need to donate again :(

2. By Gez on 18/12/06 @ 23:16 PM
kick ac info
in the console, then post the result here (or send it on the contact form)

3. By [EU-OF]PinkBug on 19/12/06 @ 20:01 PM
its ok looks to be working ok with the update of ver 20.
many thanks...looking forward to playing hehehe
oh one thing ..the mute.
Can admins be excluded from this rule ?
and can admins now use a command to manually mute a player ? lol if so what is the
command please :)

4. By Gez on 20/12/06 @ 06:24 AM
Not yet, but I'll add those things to the next version.
5. By DudduH on 09/01/07 @ 08:29 AM
Need pay?

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