PHP Server Query V1.5 [Added]

Posted by Gez on Thursday 15th June, 2006 @ 00:25 AM
Gez's PHP Server Query v1.5 has been added to the downloads page.

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16. By Desrat on 19/06/06 @ 05:29 AM
ya there is 100% no stats because i know all bout that php server query and you
see stats anywhere
This is a new release based on the old server query hence the new version 1.5 Gez
has moded the script to show stats like amount of kills etc that were not present in
version 1.4 and earlier. If anyone wants to see the default settings in action

17. By Desrat on 19/06/06 @ 05:31 AM
oh and on a side mote I have added a couple of small changes myself to make it suit
us. Namely added our clan logo and a link to webadmin.

18. By nWo|Griczka on 19/06/06 @ 18:53 PM
If someone has problem with php query, try run my little query script in perl, if you
get data from it, it means that from you to game server everything is ok. It can be
started from cmd line in almost every unix(linux), under windows activeperl is
needed. But it was not tested under windows.
xfire: griczka

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use IO::Socket;

my($so, $host, $port, $dane, $get);
# $host="";
$so = IO::Socket::INET->new(
PeerAddr => $host,
PeerPort => $port,
Reuse => 1,
Proto => 'udp')
or die "nie ma polaczenia do $host:$port: $@\n";

$so -> autoflush(1);
print $so "\\sth\\";

$get = recv($so, $dane, 1024, 0);
print $dane;

close $so;

19. By |MYT|Prophet on 21/06/06 @ 06:00 AM
Nice script, Griczka. But it won't work with the advanced query, only regular one ;)

I think the problem in my case is the length of responce wich is bigger than usual

20. By Darter on 22/06/06 @ 05:45 AM
Hi there guys..
I also have had problem with stats.
It was showing only points if i set in config.php querryport at 10481. When set at
10491 (I'm using Admin mod) it doesn't work at all.
Then I changed
ServerQueryListenPort=10481 (changed from 10491)
And now it looks that it works fine.
Hope I helped, and sry for my english but I'm extremly fu@#$ up today so I can't
think.. :]

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