PHP Server Query V1.5 [Added]

Posted by Gez on Thursday 15th June, 2006 @ 00:25 AM
Gez's PHP Server Query v1.5 has been added to the downloads page.

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11. By PunkBuster on 18/06/06 @ 00:37 AM
I don't think so
We tested the same query script on many web servers, somewhere it worked perfect,
somewhere we were getting corrupted, somewhere we couldnt get any stats :S

12. By SureFire on 18/06/06 @ 01:33 AM
ya there is 100% no stats because i know all bout that php server query and you dont
see stats anywhere

13. By on 18/06/06 @ 02:55 AM
What are you rambling on about...

Also, does no one ever read the readme? I don't make type them for nothing :o.

TestAllStats should be false once you've established that in fact the script does
work (I assure you it does).

14. By |MYT|Prophet on 18/06/06 @ 05:02 AM
In fact there is something wierd with this query. We tried query script on many
servers with TGC server in config but it didn't work always as it supposed to on some
hosts. On some hosts it worked well. So it's not because of TestAllStats.

My opinion: there is some 'bug' that makes UDP query corrupted in some cases.
Unfortunately I get this bug too often (

15. By |MYT|Prophet on 18/06/06 @ 05:27 AM
Maybe I'm wrong. It's UDP packets, so you can never know you recive them correctly
((( But I still don't understand why on some servers you always get right responce
and on others it's 80/20 or near

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