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Posted by Gez on Saturday 3rd June, 2006 @ 00:55 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v17 has been added to the downloads page.

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21. By DvS-OnE on 05/06/06 @ 01:46 AM
Ok i dont know i read the instructions for the replacement equipent but i cant get it
to work?

ReplaceEquipment="SwatEquipment.45SMG SwatEquipment.LessLethal"
ReplaceEquipment="SwatAmmo.45SMG_JHP SwatAmmo.LessLethalAmmo"
ReplaceEquipment="SwatAmmo.45SMG_FMJ SwatAmmo.LessLethalAmmo"
ReplaceEquipment="SwatEquipment.UMP45SMG SwatEquipment.LessLethal"
ReplaceEquipment="SwatAmmo.UMP45SMG_JHP SwatAmmo.LessLethalAmmo"
ReplaceEquipment="SwatAmmo.UMP45SMG_FMJ SwatAmmo.LessLethalAmmo",
How does it work? And the Auto Message i got it set up like this,AutoMessage="print
No TeamKilling!;wait 60;No 45!;wait 65;No Cheating!;wait 70;Anyone Caught With 45
Will Be Kicked Without Warning!;"., but it is not working why?

Please help me with this cuz i really appreciate your mods,now i would like to
donate but im not old enough to own a credit card other wise i would,cuz you've
helped the swat4 community alot,even the 45 users can't get away with just using it
and then teamkilling. Good Job.


22. By SyD on 05/06/06 @ 02:19 AM
I use this line:
ReplaceEquipment="SwatEquipment.PepperSpray SwatEquipment.StingGrenade" - and it's
But I don't try automessage yet.
I have a problem, but I don't know it's a big problem or not, we had a war, and I
changed the .ini, I set the DisableMOD to true and restart with a new map, but MOTD
and the other mod effects working still, what's wrong?

23. By |NCO|Matt on 05/06/06 @ 02:28 AM
Nice work Gez, thank you for all your hard work, admin duties have never been as

How do you enable less lethal weapons only though? if I use force equipment for the
Less lethal shotgun and then add replace equipment for the peppergun, it doesnt work.
Any ideas how I get both the peppergun and less lethal shotgun only, with a backup of
the tazer?

Thanx Gez

24. By {Anti_Klan}DeadEye on 05/06/06 @ 03:54 AM
Very nice!!! if i could donate i would but my wife would kill me, LOL

ive got it all down working great, and keep up the great work man

25. By DvS-OnE on 05/06/06 @ 04:41 AM
ok but i want to replace the 45 with lesslethals,cuz 45 users come in and i have to
change it,instead of forcing lesslethals i want them to have 45 automatically when
they enter the server using 45. and where did you put that SYD?

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