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Posted by Gez on Saturday 3rd June, 2006 @ 00:55 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v17 has been added to the downloads page.

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11. By SyD on 03/06/06 @ 16:46 PM
Thx v3n0m! Big help for me. ;) And it is possible to use extra ammo with
replaceequipment for vanilla SWAT4 1.1?

12. By SyD on 03/06/06 @ 16:57 PM
An other question v3n0m: All commands working with this trick?
13. By v3n0m on 03/06/06 @ 16:58 PM
you're welcome SyD.
Regarding the replaceequipment thing, I don't have a clue :( still have to try the

would be a very nice adition, because some very anoying types keep messing arround
with pepperball gun, while I say not to use it in the rules.

I use stetchkov only btw, so can't try it in vanilla, I have it, but don't play it

14. By v3n0m on 03/06/06 @ 17:07 PM
haven't tried the commands, but when you open the interface, buttons appear per
command, I guess these are available.

15. By SyD on 03/06/06 @ 17:26 PM
I know and try! :D
I hate peppers! xD

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