Admin Mod V17 [Added]

Posted by Gez on Saturday 3rd June, 2006 @ 00:55 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v17 has been added to the downloads page.

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User Comments
6. By SyD on 03/06/06 @ 11:55 AM
Thx Gez, I really love U! :P xD
7. By SyD on 03/06/06 @ 14:23 PM
Dammit! I can't sign up for PayPal, cuz I can't make a donate. :( Any way to get the
extra stuffs? Pls help! Anyone!

8. By SyD on 03/06/06 @ 15:02 PM
Replaceequipment is working correctly. Nice Gez! ;) But I change pepper spray to
stinger, but no stinger, is it a bug or what? U didn't tell when I change the equip
the new equip can't load...:( But U make a good job, again! But I really want the web
interface, why not we install it our server page? I really want to send a donate, but
I can't. :'(

9. By SyD on 03/06/06 @ 16:14 PM
Oh, sry Gez, I'm an idiot and careless. :) The substitution is working. :D I'm very
happy! :D But the web interface question is still actually! ;)

10. By v3n0m on 03/06/06 @ 16:38 PM
SyD, the web interface is also available in the free version, I tried it yesterday :)

what you'll have to do is this:

find this:

and set the row:
to the port you want to use.
ie. WebAdminListenPort=1337

the other row
WebAdminUsers="username password"
also set these settings, IE. SyD Password

that would make a user SyD, with the password "password".

start your server, and you can check locally if the web interface works by doing

start your internet app, and go to port (1337 for instance).

if that works, but you can't connect from outside, you will have to forward that
port in your router, to your pc.

good luck :)

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