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Posted by Gez on Saturday 3rd June, 2006 @ 00:55 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v17 has been added to the downloads page.

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46. By Iwek on 06/06/06 @ 02:00 AM
1. Why i have got 2 times msg ( Admin Mod ||SES||Gez... ) after MOTD one is yellow
and one black. Is this normal or sth is wrong?

2. Can i change BaseMOTD by comand "kick ac sc set SESMod.SESGameMod BaseMOTD msg"
or i shoud to do this manual by FTP and than restart serwer? I tryed to to this but
server dont recognise command or sth like that.

3. AutoMessage works only afert donate? I put: "print [b]Check Your Statistic (
kills, TK, arests, playing time ) at;wait 300;" and nothing was

Anyway Gj Gez :)

47. By DvS-OnE on 06/06/06 @ 02:15 AM
Ok change it to None? In the dynamicloadout.ini? right?
48. By SyD on 06/06/06 @ 02:21 AM
Iwek I answer ur first problem. I tell it to Gez, and we think MOTD is too long or
have some colors. The MOTD lenght is not good, try it to set shorter or no colors.

49. By VoDk@_Fr on 06/06/06 @ 02:34 AM
Thank you for this MOD.

1. Why I cuts got 2 times msg (Admin MOD ||SES||Gez…) after MOTD one is yellow
and one black. Is this normal gold sth is wrong?

2. On Web Admin Panel only that which makes the waiter can conecter it is normal?

50. By ||SES||Gez on 06/06/06 @ 03:22 AM
If I understand correctly VoDk@, it sounds like to need to unblock the port on your

MOTD thing is a bug.

AutoMessage is free.

You should be able to change the basemotd either way.

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