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Posted by Gez on Sunday 30th April, 2006 @ 00:25 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v16 has been added to the downloads page.

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16. By Hotinco on 01/05/06 @ 23:29 PM
Is it possible to have a command for a Tournament mode.. WE are part of the OGForce
ladders as of yet ( I did request) we can not run the Admoin mode unless both teams
agree... If we had a tournament mode that would shut it off except manually typed
commands that would be great.. You are doing AWSOME work. this has totaly changed teh
server for us. I love all the features

17. By ||ODG||Markthemaster on 02/05/06 @ 04:26 AM
Hi Gez,

I'm using your newest adminmod, V16. On swat 4 version 1.1.
I tried it Non-dedicated with one of the first versions, 4 or 5 i think. And that
worked. But the new versions doesn't work.

greatz mark

18. By Species8472(NL) on 02/05/06 @ 14:23 PM
Hi, first of all great mod. we love it.
We have a annoying problem. When a server is a max capacity, 12 or 14 players a
reload of the pistols bug is there. We have activated the custom weapons, so we can
only use the pistols. We have it on 2 servers now so its a bug. when a server has 10
ppl of the 12 slots everything is ok. Can some1 look at this? cheers.

19. By |WM|KrazyFire on 02/05/06 @ 16:33 PM
Great Work 1 problem i cant make it work in non-dedicated
20. By steven on 03/05/06 @ 02:58 AM
what can ido to join at the spectators
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