Admin Mod V16 [Added]

Posted by Gez on Sunday 30th April, 2006 @ 00:25 AM
Gez's Admin Mod v16 has been added to the downloads page.

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56. By ||SES||Gez on 09/05/06 @ 23:53 PM
1. I will add an option for the superadmin command list to stop server settings
updating in the next version.

2. Read the readme. (install.txt)

57. By Kahuna on 10/05/06 @ 17:59 PM
||SES||Gez: Stop smokin??? Im incresing my dose now ;-)

Server still kicks old VIP.
Server auto changed VIP before kicking old VIP for high ping (really good thinking
btw). Round ends in a tie. didnt see it reportet on v.16 so i though i should.

58. By SyD on 11/05/06 @ 12:04 PM
I have some ideas:
Flood control with warning messages
-variable warning numbers(I hope U know what I thinking ;))
Weapon and equipment disabler with simple commands
-example: kick ac disable sting
Items disabler in the .ini file
-example: Disableditems="pepperspray,...etc."
Arrest disabler in the .ini file and with command(make more fun in BS mode ;))
Players no can change ur name to Player
Bad language control:
-We add words:
If player say "fuck" the server change to **** or f*ck or like this...
And I think thats all, but don't forget the server viewer! :)
Have a good work! ;)

59. By {USSP}Snakie on 11/05/06 @ 16:20 PM
Lol Syd :) Imagine what will happen with hungarian players , if i will disable word
geci on the server :) All hunpowas will suicide or disconnect :P

60. By SyD on 11/05/06 @ 18:35 PM
So,ok! Gez forget the bad language control. :D Snakie U are a geci! :P
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