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Posted by Gez on Monday 24th April, 2006 @ 23:33 PM
Gez's Admin Mod v15 has been added to the downloads page.

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16. By Hotinco on 29/04/06 @ 03:27 AM
THank You Darter.. I will try that. Just figured I need to get into COmmand mode
first like when we do SAY or TEAMSAY then type whta you want.... I will try it

17. By Hotinco on 29/04/06 @ 03:31 AM
I love this Mod... I have had one complaint from the clan.. Can we get an option to
turn on and off that ignores all rules for Admins.. I have one guy in the clan on
Dail up so his ping is high and he gets kicked or I have to turn it off and let
everyone with high pings in.. And have have guys that like to watch, when we recruit
looking for hackers and they got droped for idle time. If we can just true or false
an ADMIN IGNORE option that would be great.. maybe down the road in an updated

18. By ||SES||Gez on 29/04/06 @ 05:42 AM
19. By ||SES||Roc on 29/04/06 @ 05:43 AM
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