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Posted by Gez on Monday 24th April, 2006 @ 23:33 PM
Gez's Admin Mod v15 has been added to the downloads page.

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11. By ||ODG||Markthemaster on 26/04/06 @ 02:00 AM
Hi Gez,

I wanted to report one more bug in the adminmod of swat 4version 1.1
If i set an automessage and i start the server we don't see any messege, but if i
set the automessage while running, we'll see an automessage...
Maybe you can help me.

Greatz Mark

12. By ||biohazard|| on 26/04/06 @ 18:07 PM
nothing has to say it is good job
13. By SyD on 27/04/06 @ 01:48 AM
Great job Gez! But why wasn't the server allowed the 'áéä'...etc. The
StrictPlayerNames= is True, and the chars added the SwatGame.eng, but not allowed, if
I set False players are use colored names, but I don't want. What's the problem, pls

14. By Hotinco on 28/04/06 @ 03:26 AM
Can anyone tell me how to set hot keys for the commands... I have tried just puting
~kick AC getplayer but nothing happens.. I Know it is me I need to put it in right
just not sure how to hot key admin functions.. Great ADmin control Awsome......
JOB..... I love teh fact it admins while no one is around to keep the TK idiots off
my server. I also like the Admin / SUper Admin so clan can have admin but only
leadership can have super admin....

15. By Darter on 28/04/06 @ 16:57 PM
Hotinco don't use ~
Just eneter the command for eg.
F1=kick ac getplayers.
Of course it have to be set in user.ini file in both places where you have the
button you want to bind.
Binded commands work only if you're already playing.
Sorry for my english.
Greets for all ||SES|| team, especially for Gez!!

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