SWAT 4 Admin Mod V12 [Added]

Posted by Gez on Friday 7th April, 2006 @ 05:18 AM
Gez's SWAT 4 Admin Mod v12 has been added to the downloads page.

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1. By |MYT|Heebo on 07/04/06 @ 10:17 AM
specially very good improvement with previous round vip killer --> VIP --> death bug.

'admin mod' is the best thing what has happened to Swat4 community for a long time.
GJ GEZ! :)

2. By Kahuna on 13/04/06 @ 20:41 PM
Im not sure if this is the same as the above, but here goes.
VIP is afk. I change VIP.
I kick the afk person and round ends in a tie. The server thinks VIP got kicked and
ends the round incorrectly.

3. By ||SES||Gez on 13/04/06 @ 21:44 PM
Yes I have noticed this as well. I think it's fixed in v13, but I cannot be certain
without testing it.

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