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Posted by Remo on Monday 3rd April, 2006 @ 11:21 AM
You like Gez's work? but you think its missing a feature? let us know right here,
suggest away!!!

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6. By Eagle{Terror} on 08/04/06 @ 00:19 AM
Hey Gez!
I love you MOD for the Normal Swat 4..
I would like to give some people only handguns like you did with Less Lethal!
And i would like to Disable 45. mm SMG..
I will look if you sended something back..
Greetings Terror

7. By ||SES||Roc on 08/04/06 @ 00:27 AM
Yeah, I think a command which can be enabled/disabled to have everyone equip a
handgun would be really good - especially useful for those pistol only games that a
lot of people like ;).

8. By Eagle{Terror} on 08/04/06 @ 00:31 AM
Yea that is what I mean..
I want to play handguns-only rounds sometimes! And maybe you have a Command that
you can Disable 45. SMG becuase people are still using it while I say its not

9. By ||ODG||Markthemaster on 25/04/06 @ 23:22 PM
Hi Gez,

Here are some idea's of me:
Maybe you can make more admingroups so we can set to every admingroup which rights
they have. (maybe is it also possible to make an admingroup which don't have any
kicking rights, but that they can't get kicked when someone is loggin on a fullserver
with randomkick...)
About autokicking:
The autoTEAMKILLkick function is working great. Maybe you can add the same options
at autoMAXPINGkick & autoIDLEkick. Like: if there are admins online the autokick will
be disabled. And for the autoMAXPINGkick: Wait with checking players who are just
connected to the server. Because they mostly have a ping of 999. And they always get
the message that their ping is too high.
So far my idea's, if something isn't clear plz say it to me. And i'll try to
explain it in an other way.

Greatz Mark

10. By THCDENHAAG on 14/01/07 @ 03:10 AM
hey gez ,wen i ban e player on id or ip stil come back can ban plz help plz contact i have mod v21

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