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Posted by Remo on Monday 3rd April, 2006 @ 11:21 AM
You like Gez's work? but you think its missing a feature? let us know right here,
suggest away!!!

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1. By {USSP}Snakie on 03/04/06 @ 23:30 PM
Hi Gez , ur doing great work out there.
I just wonder if its able to disable few guns + pepper in TSS , u said that it
shoud be done. Arent u going to make it sometimes , or if u dont have time , can u
pls help me with that ? What should i delete in the INI files and so on ? Thx... I
just wanna make it more realistic , thats all. Cause in my opinion exp.pack is going
more arcade mainstream way , and i really dont like it :) I dont wanna have SWAT 5 to
be like another run and shoot FPS arcade crap :)

2. By V3N0M on 03/04/06 @ 23:37 PM
thanks for the great mod, using it on my server for about 2 weeks now, and it rules

I wonder if the MotD could be fixed, as it only shows up sometimes, and one player
on my server received it 5 times :P

and it would be nice if the player ID's for the switchteam / kick / ban /
commands, were the same as the numbers you see when typing "showids"

besides of these little things, your mod rules :)


3. By ||SES||Gez on 04/04/06 @ 00:17 AM
About disabling guns etc: it may be possible, but I don't really know how and it is
probably not as simple as editing an ini.

The MOTD will be fixed in the next release, which should be out soon.

Having the player ids the same is impossible for a server side mod (they vary on
your client).

4. By V3N0M on 04/04/06 @ 01:03 AM
thanks for the info Gez ;)
the ID problem isn't a big problem, just wanted to know if this was possible.

good to hear the MOTD will be fixed.

thanks for making this great mod, keep up the good work :)

5. By Nebulous on 04/04/06 @ 06:09 AM
hey gez have you thought of making a strictly spectator mode mod only.. JUST a mod
that adds spectator mode into the game. be-it third person or a camera that can roam
at will or 3rd person camera but still spectator..

anyways really do love the mod works great for evening teams :D

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