Smash And Grab -Old Maps!!

Posted by Remo on Monday 3rd April, 2006 @ 11:00 AM
People are asking whats with the old maps on our server playing smash and grab mode,
the short answer is, this is a new mod under development by Gez and at the moment it
is in beta, therefore only going to be run on our server

Once the kinks are worked out , there will be a release made.

Alternate VIP modes are in the works too, Stay Tuned :D

User Comments
1. By ||SES||Roc on 03/04/06 @ 11:04 AM
I first played this today.. I have to say it's really cool being able to play S&G on
the older maps I am familiar with. As always, GJ Gez!

2. By Dead&Happy on 03/04/06 @ 13:35 PM
Nothing more to say... keep going, u have done good JOB!!! :)
3. By matthew on 05/01/07 @ 07:29 AM
i got the old maps and i host a dedicated server, i type kick ac setmap id. the game
does nothing . its like it huge lags and it doesnt change the map. also, the time

but when i host a non dedicated server, it works perfectly
plz if u can make a newer ferson that works properly

dedicated server is always better for me so i can join and disconnect from my

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