SWAT 4 Admin Mod V.11 [Added]

Posted by Roc on Saturday 1st April, 2006 @ 20:17 PM
Gez's SWAT 4 Admin Mod v.11 has been added to the download page.

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User Comments
1. By |MYT|Heebo on 01/04/06 @ 08:30 AM
very nice features to admins, specially IP viewer/tracker. good job Gez ;)
2. By (HITSQ)tek on 01/04/06 @ 11:45 AM
awesome admin mod!! thanks Gez!
3. By |MYT|SebOLO on 01/04/06 @ 19:17 PM
Good Job! But there is bug. If some swat kill vip(he will be forced to less-lathal
next round) and if he be vip in next round round ends at start! So this mod needs
more work ;)

4. By ||SES||Roc on 01/04/06 @ 19:35 PM
Thanks SebOLO. Could you do me a favour and also send a message to gez through the
"Contact" page about this bug? That would be great.

5. By ||SES||Gez on 01/04/06 @ 20:37 PM
No need now, well spotted sebolo, will be fixed in the next release.
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