Gez's Mods Finished! (I Think)

Posted by Roc on Friday 31st March, 2006 @ 11:48 AM
Well, i've finally got "The Mods page" up and running :D. It took quite a lot of
work, I must admit. I added a rating system, so you can now vote upon which mod you
like best and I also made a navigation drop down menu so that you can sort through
the list of mods easily based on various criteria. Anyway, that's all I have left to
say.. I hope you like the site. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this
website, add a comment to this news post or alternatively, send a message to us
through the contact page.



User Comments
1. By ||SES||Gez on 31/03/06 @ 22:04 PM
Wow, I'm impressed. This is really good stuff Roc! Good work!
2. By ||SES||Alex on 31/03/06 @ 22:05 PM
Yup, nice job Roc :D
3. By |MYT|HeeboGreebo on 01/06/06 @ 16:20 PM
Hi Gez,

you maybe allready know this but there is big problem with "kick ac sc set
sesmod.sesgamemod forcelesslethalvipkillers false" once
somebody wins beanbag shotgun by killing
V.I.P, player cant reload anymore, dont
have any nades, no pepperspray, not even
a breaching shotgun lol

just wanted to let you know about this and keep up the excellent job m8 ;)

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